Sea Wall Barrier

Iguanas use the canals and waterways to gain access to your property. This product is 100 % effective in preventing the iguana from crawling up the sea wall on to your property.

Anti-Hole Barrier

Iguanas dig long tunnels under patios and foundations to nest and lay eggs. Often they create a maze of tunnels under the roots of a thick bush which makes it difficult to collapse the holes. They have learned how to use the roots to protect their nests. Our "Anti-Hole Barrier" is hidden under a layer of dirt and does not allow the iguana to enter the hole. This has proven to be very successful at deterring iguanas.

Monitoring Service

We also monitor your property to remove any holes which are used for hatchlings. These holes are usually dug near sea walls and eventually undermine the seawalls causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. We advise how to maintain certain trees so not to allow iguanas to have an easy access to the roof of your home/building. They will naturally claw and search for holes or crevices thus causing damage to your roof.

Iguana Tree Wrap

We use our tree wrap to prohibit iguana from nesting in trees. They jump down to feed but cannot climb back into the tree. Eventually, the iguana will leave the nest.

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Iguana Barrier

We use Iguana Barrier to prevent them from accessing your property from neighbors or adjoining lots.

Iguana Control Products

Our products help to reduce the iguana population on your property and the damage they cause. Which products to use depends upon the infestation and source of the iguanas. 
Prevent costly repairs to your home, gardens, trees, and sea walls. Protect your family from potential salmonella poisoning. Call our office to schedule a consultation. Our service technician will inspect your property and give you free estimate.


As a last resort we will trap the persistent iguana who is stubborn. Over 95% of our service is preventive. These measures are so effective at reducing iguana populations, we rarely trap.

Commercial & Residential

Free Estimate

Call our office now and arrange for a free estimate to reduce your iguana problem. Our technicians will locate trouble areas and suggest the best method to employ.

Iguana Control

Foliage Control

Iguanas will use your trees as a bridge to your roof. Once on the roof, they sense that they are safe. They will defecate and look for loose tile in the hope to find a hole for nesting. In doing this, they can cause leaks. We trim trees, palms, etc. so they no longer can gain access to your roof.

Dock Piling Wrap

Iguanas can climb the pilings (cement or wood) to your dock. Our "Dock Piling Wrap" will remove this path to your home. The iguanas will not be able to use the pilings to gain access to your home.

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Protect Any Topography

We can protect any topography. For example, this is property which is almost one mile in circumference and several hundred feet high yet we are able to protect it with our products and monitoring. When we first treated this property, it had dozens and dozens of iguana nests. Now it is under control and free of the network of tunnels it once had.

Custom Clean Look

Our barrier can be customized to create a clean finish. This barrier sits at the end of the dock and is the same color as the PVC dock. Our customer agrees; it looks great!”

Help Protect your Children

Our products protect children from threats of bites and potential salmonella poisoning. This playground is protected by our Iguana Barrier which surrounds the area and prevents iguana from entering the property”